Fanzines. Back in the 80s they raised our hopes when football seemed on its last legs: these days, a new generation still needs campaigning zeal and subversive humour, and a new wave of fanzines and some distinguished old stagers are providing it.

This page is an information exchange. Criteria for inclusion: true fanzines only (no “mags”); we have read the fanzine; it is published in paper format; and we like it.

Club: Blackburn Rovers. Fanzine: 4000 Holes. £1.50/A5/18 pages.

Club: Bradford City. Fanzine: City Gent. £2/A5/58 pages.

Club: Chester. Fanzine: The Blue & White. £2/A5/32 pages.

Club: Doncaster Rovers. Fanzine: Popular Stand. £1/A5/40 pages.

Club: Everton. Fanzine: The Black Watch. £2/A5/20 pages.

Club: Manchester City. Fanzine: King of the Kippax. £3/A4/52 pages.

Club: Northampton Town. Fanzine: Hotel Enders. £1/A5/28 pages.

Club: North Ferriby United. Fanzine: View from the Allotment End. £1.50/A5/44 pages. Available from

Club: Notts County. Fanzine: The Pie. £1/A5/12 pages.

Club: Salford City. Fanzine: Dirty Old Town. £1.50/A5/14 pages.

Club: Walthamstow. Fanzine: If I Hadn’t seen Such Riches. £1/A5/28 pages.

Club: Wigan Athletic. Fanzine: Mudhutter. £2/A5/44 pages.

Club: York City. Fanzine: Y Front. £2/A5/20 pages.